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In the aftermath of the Tusken Raider's destruction, Anakin makes a bid for...
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Welcome to the new and improved Star Wars Chicks fanfiction archive!

This archive is brand new and currently under going beta testing. Please help by reporting any bugs or other annoyances you may encounter.

All Star Wars fanfiction is welcome here. The archive is split up into two main categories: Star Wars Chicks general fanfiction (rated E for everyone, PG for ages 10+, and T for ages 13+) and Sith Chicks adult fanfiction (suitable for ages 17+ only: requires a registered account to read).

Our system administrators are on hand to ensure that all stories are properly rated, categorized, and labeled. We welcome all types and ratings, so pay attention to those labels and warnings. There is something here for everyone, but not all of it is for everyone. We've tried to make it easy for everyone to avoid reading things they don't want to.

Star Wars Chicks fanfiction

Star Wars Chicks fanfiction [9]
General Star Wars fanfiction, rated K (5+) through T (13+). Fiction appropriate for the Star Wars Chicks fanfiction mailing list.

Sith Chicks fanfiction

Sith Chicks fanfiction [17]
Adult oriented fanfiction, rated M (16+) or MA (18+). Viewing requires age verification, consenting that reader is of legal age in their local to view adult content, and a valid archive account. Fiction appropriate for the Sith Chicks fanfiction mailing list.

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Submission problem fixed
My apologies to those who have already registered and were unable to upload stories! I accidentally misread a setting and had it set so only Admins could upload stories. Whoops! That would explain why no one had submitted anything yet. That issue is fixed now. Let me know of any others you run into!

--jadedsabre on February 09, 2009 2:17 AM 0 Comments
Archive now open for beta testing
The archive is now open for registration to authors and readers. If you encounter any bugs or annoyances, please let us know! We also welcome suggestions and constructive criticism.

--jadedsabre on February 06, 2009 3:07 PM 1 Comments